Part 1 Helping the Man

Adventure Company

The company with the aid of the three soldiers continues their march North. The players can ask the Soldiers some questions but they will not be very talkative. It’s possible the players might choose to kill the soldiers, though this isn’t obviously recommended the stats for the soldiers can be found on the encounter page below.

Part 1 Solider Encounter

Presuming the players do not kill the man, they continue their walk north a twenty more minutes before happening upon the wounded man Galal spoke of.

The Players can then attempt to do one of the following:

  • Make a Heal check (DC10) to discover how injured the man is. He is uninjured, the blood is not his.
  • Make a perception check (DC25) to recognise the trap.
  • Talk to the man, he is in shock but will offer limited response.

The man’s name is Edon, he will not tell you much more than he is a farmer from Greenshade and was delivering stock when he was ambushed. They attacked him and stole what little money he had as well as his supplies.

Encounter Of sorts

One of the three soldiers collapses to the ground, allow the current player one action.

When his action is complete (List of valid checks below) he must survive a Will +10 Check to not fall unconscious.

Notify the players that since their action took place both the guarding soldiers collapsed and Edon had disappeared from sight.

  • Perception Check DC25: The player notices a number of different characters moving amongst the tree line (Two Passes, the Player identifies a Tiefling)
  • Arcana Check DC25: The player detects magic coming from a specific direction, the caster is string and the spell is designed to render someone unconscious but not kill them. (Two Passes, the player Identifies a Tiefling as the source)

After the whole party is exhausted, move to Part 2.

Part 1 Helping the Man

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