Adventure Company

Having attempting to confront the enemy soldiers one of the party is wounded the severity of which is marked by a DC15 Athletics Check.

  • Pass Knocked back
  • Fail 3- Arm slashed. 3 Health
  • Fail 3+ Arm fractured. 6 Health, -2 to Thievery, Atheltics, and non-magic attacks for campaign duration.

The players are now partially surrounded by the Lord Tanal Aithran’s men, they must either cease their attacks (recommended) or face certain death. Behind the men a man approaches and wishes to know why they have attacked the Caravan, he identifies himself as Galal, special envoy to Lord Tanal Aithran.

Skill Challenge

Passes Required: 4 Fails Allowed: 2

Key Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, Religion

  • Bluff: DC20, any fails result in a +5 difficulty to all checks.
  • Diplomacy: Initially DC25, successful Bluff or Diplomacy Check reduces by 5
  • Insight: DC15, Pass -5 reveal religious preference, Give +5 to Future Diplomacy Checks (Reveal DC of Bluff, he doesn’t like liars.)
  • Religion: Galal is clearly Religious, he is adorned with various tokens of faith. (Reveal preference to Religious, grant +5 to future Diplomacy Checks).

Encounter Passive: Clerics, Lawful Good Characters and Priests gain +5 and Evil players gain a -5 to all Checks during this skill challenge.


Galal assigns the players the quest and pays them 60gp each on the understanding he can trust a group such as yours. He also blesses any Clerics, Priests or Lawful Good characters in the group.

He sends three soldiers to aid you in escorting the man to safety.

Part 1 Helping the Man A


Galal bids you on your way (Perhaps violently) and tells you that one of your kinship is wounded up the road.

Sending a single soldier to escort you and ensure you do not wound the man, he implores you to escort the man to safety else he will report you to the guild.

Part 1: Helping the Man B


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